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Ubuntu Talks equips students to attain academic proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking in sub-Saharan African languages. Our custom learning management system (LMS) makes language fluency accessible to all students.

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How Ubuntu Talks Languages works

Comprehensive Internationally-Recognized Curriculum

The curriculum introduces new skills at a manageable pace providing learners with supplemental material in practice exercises and keyword pronunciation videos. We strive to build a safe environment, so our learners are confident in the ability to apply their language skills in the real world.

Acquisition through Immersion

Ubuntu Talks certified instructors provide live virtual instruction from sub-Saharan Africa, providing a cultural connection to the language. This structured immersion enables students to speak the new language immediately, as intuitive learning takes place through live dialogue and illustration from native speakers.

Develop Language Naturally

Ubuntu Talks lessons are scaffolded to maximize students' learning proficiency. Classes include speaking, pronunciation, reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and review exercises. The language acquisition process builds from small words, phrases, complete sentences, and confident conversations. The students speak aloud and receive real-time feedback to align with the native speaker's pronunciation.

Backward Curriculum Design

Using a standardized and thematically organized backward curriculum design that centers learner outcomes first, learners integrate language with culture and content to empower their learning with context and reasoning. Our learners will learn to assign meaning to what they hear and see, allowing for a deeper, lasting connection to the language.

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Personalized Learning Reports

Watch your learning progress quantitatively through our curriculum and meet your learning goals. Detailed data allows our instructors to tailor instruction to enhance learner acquisition and retention.

Guided Virtual Learning

We build a personalized curriculum to target your learning institution's students' specific learning needs. Lessons entail reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities to build competence and confidence.

Maximum Flexibility

Learners can easily sign on to the Ubuntu Talks learning platform through Facebook, Google, and the Ubuntu Talks App, allowing them to engage with their learning as their availability permits. Instruction takes place through the Zoom video conferencing platform.