Field Services

We Provide Translation, Transcription, Voice Over, and Dubbing Services for Sub-Saharan African Languages

Ubuntu Talks provides the highest-quality sub-Saharan African language translation and transcription services. Our services are available on-site and virtually. We guarantee timeliness, flexibility, and professionalism. 


Our certified African native team has tailored, industry-specific expertise in education, agriculture, tourism, health care, corporate, and faith-based sectors. Our team's backgrounds as native African transcribers, translators, interpreters, and linguists emphasize is on quality to account for cultural sensitivities that outsiders may not realize.  

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Ubuntu Talks Field-Services Offer 

On-site Translation

Ubuntu Talks provides professional translation of sub-Saharan African languages for non-profit, technical, educational, corporate, and individual needs.

Virtual Translation

Ubuntu Talks understands that individual circumstances vary, and we try to be flexible in today’s fast-moving circumstances by offering our services virtually. Our certified African native interpreters have sector-specific (including individual, corporate, medical, educational, and tourism) expertise for your peace of mind.

Trascription Services

Ubuntu Talks provides professional transcription services of sub-Saharan African languages for audio/video productions, multilingual conferences, medical needs, and even legal contexts.

Voiceover & Dubbing

Voice-over services are not as involved as in dubbing or subtitling, but they still need to follow a time sequence through the proper equipment and expertise. Many companies prefer dubbing as it aligns more with the experience of the original production. Dubbing dialogue first requires translation. Once spoken, the product will match the lips of the original actor.

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